Temprakon Down Pillow Standard

Temprakon Down Pillow Standard


Integrated temperature control
Filling with delicious soft goose down / small feathers
The comforter surrounds the body and actively works to regulate your body temperature so that you don't get overheated.

The quilt's 100% natural wood fibers are made using the award-winning Lyocell method, which recycles 99.7% of wastewater, reducing environmental impact during production

Temprakon uses the technique Temprakon microcapsule technology where small microcapsules react to temperatures. If it is hot they absorb the heat. If cool, they will release heat. It ensures a more even body temperature and a better sleep. 

The temperature regulating material was developed by NASA for astronaut spacesuits. Temprakon uses Fresh which is a highly active treatment against house dust mites and creates a healthier, cleaner climate in your sleep environment. 

Temprakon offers improved moisture regulation. This ensures that excess heat, moisture and steam are more easily carried away from the body. 

Temprakon Advance is double space certified for its active temperature, moisture-regulating and anti dust mite effect. 

  • 50 x 75 cm
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