The Dorma Home Story

Start living straight away

The team behind Dorma Home has over 25 years of experience in the furniture industry.

We’ve seen it all - traditional made to order furniture, sustainable Scandinavian design; the rise of online shopping.

But after all this time; when it came to furnishing our own homes, we couldn’t find what we were looking for.

So, we decided to create it; a unique interiors offering which incorporated the very best of all our industry experiences; inspirational interior design; high-quality pieces, quick delivery, reasonable pricing and a seamless online store. Dorma Home was born!

When you’re changing up your interior; searching high and low to find the perfect piece; and then waiting for your delivery to arrive, a three or four month wait can feel like torture.

We know you want to start living right away, without compromising on quality or style, and that’s why we created Dorma Home; where we make sure to deliver every piece within two weeks.

We know that your home is a reflection of your personal style, so we have carefully curated a range of Scandinavian-inspired statement furniture and home accessories, to reflect personality and respect your budget.

Interior Inspiration

Lifestyle is everything

At Dorma Home, we understand that creating a cohesive interior scheme can be tricky. We’ve all experienced it; those pieces you bought online just don’t work together the way you thought they would. That’s why we’ve partnered with award-winning Danish design firm, Ambiente.

Ambiente have been designing interior spaces for over thirty years; with prestigious projects all over the world. Their signature is combining the latest design trends with their own original ideas; to create an aesthetic which is truly timeless.

We believe that lifestyle is everything; a real room setting is the key to illustrating how effortlessly the handcrafted furniture and elegant accessories our expert team has sourced come together.

Ambiente’s team of creative designers have immersed themselves in Dorma Home’s collection, and brought pieces from across the range together to create cohesive décor schemes; showcased at each of our Dorma Home stores and which are constantly being updated.

The team have also helped us build the Dorma Home website; meaning that even if you can’t get to one of our stores, you’re not missing out on the tricks of the trade which Ambiente have to offer.

Furniture from the forest

Beautiful, functional and sustainable

At Dorma Home, we keep it simple. We believe that furniture should be beautiful, functional and sustainable.

That’s whay we have chosen to partner with sustainable furniture manufacturers, Scapa, who have been crafting furniture in the forests of Småland, Sweden, since 1959, an area synonymous with hand-crafted wooden furniture. They draw both materials and inspiration from the natural world in order to create upholstered furniture with a distinctly Scandinavian twist.

The word “Scapa” is a play on the Swedish word for creation; and that’s just what Scapa do. Scapa furniture is built by craftsman with true expertise; who have spent years honing their craft and bring together the finest natural materials with iconic and inspirational design.

Working closely with our expert design team, Scapa has created a collection of furniture for living and sleeping exclusively for Dorma Home which has been as carefully curated as it was crafted.

Scapa’s head office and factory is still based in Alvesta, Småland today. The dark forests of the area provide everything the company needs; a sustainable source of wood; experts with a long tradition of furniture making; and unimaginable inspiration.

Beauty sleep

Beauty Sleep

A good day starts with a good night

At Dorma Home we are interiors obsessives; but on the sleep front, we thought it best to call in experts in innovation, meticulous mattress manufacturers, Yatsan.

Yatsan believe that a good day starts with a good night, and we couldn’t agree more. They are perfectionists; and so are we – it’s the kind of partnership dreams are made of, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Yatsan created their first mattress in 1974; and have been continually improving their production process and products ever since with two guiding principles; comfort and quality. Yatsan mattresses are created in Turkey; where their Research & Development department leads the way; sharing their innovative insight with the wider industry, and transforming the culture of sleep.

Yatsan have created a range exclusively for Dorma Home; from memory foam mattresses to bedroom suites and accessories, allowing you to pick and choose the pieces which suit your sanctuary.

Carefully crafted

Carefully Crafted

Your home is an extension of your personality

Here at Dorma Home, we understand that you have discerning taste, and only pieces of the highest quality will make it into your home. Award-winning Swedish craftsmen, Furninova were one of the first furniture-makers on our list when we were discussing the design brands that do things right.

Like us, Furninova believe that the design of your home is an extension of your personality, and their hand-crafted furniture speaks directly to this idea.

The Furninova team have decades of experience designing and building custom-made furniture at their own factory. Each Furninova piece, whether that’s a sofa or a stool, is made by hand; built on-site by highly skilled craftsmen and carefully quality controlled; so that they can guarantee each piece is up to scratch.

They fulfill the highest European standards when it comes to materials and production method and even think sustainably; avoiding wasting natural resources wherever possible and creating furniture guaranteed to stand the test of time.
Their aesthetic is simple and timeless; with care and attention applied to even the smallest design detail; and their product range extensive. From sofas and seating options to bedroom and dining furniture; each piece of Furninova upholstered furniture is a true masterpiece.