EasySleep One Mattress

EasySleep One Mattress


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The Easysleep One is a top Belgian quality mattress with an advanced, well-ventilated structure. Due to its unique design, this mattress combines a firm and soft side in the same mattress. EasySleep One guarantees optimal lying comfort for everyone.

With adapted lying comfort

The EasySleep One combines two firmnesses in the same mattress. Choose your side and experience sleeping comfort the way you want, without effort!

Turn the EasySleep One upside down and easily switch between a medium or firm lying feeling. Height: 20 cm

Easy @ home

Setting up your mattress has never been this easy!

  1. Remove from box
  2. Just roll
  3. Remove plastic
  4. Choose your side

Indestructible quality

The EasySleep One has an advanced, well-ventilated structure. The sturdy foam ensures that you can enjoy optimal support all night long!

The unique ventilating properties of the cover ensure an ideal sleeping climate. All night long.

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