Cutting-edge innovation for better sleep

A good night’s sleep is transformative. You awake energised. You feel more positive throughout the day and you become inspired. Technogel® has revolutionised pillows and mattresses with thermal regulating, comfortable support that is scientifically proven to help you sleep better. It’s the first and only brand of gel mattresses and pillows with a thick layer of body conforming Technogel® that helps you avoid overheating, sweating or struggling to find a comfortable position during the night. Technogel® Sleeping is not just designed to be the best mattress or pillow, it’s about living life to its fullest.

Personalized 3D support

We call it 3D deformation. You’ll call it the best night ever. Adapting like water but with the support of a solid, Technogel® reacts uniquely to your body to ease pressure and maintain proper spinal alignment without restricting movement. Technogel® conforms gradually in all directions (up/down, right/left, etc.) to distribute weight evenly from head to toe. No pain, no compression, no worries about improper posture. It is the perfect blend of comfort and ergonomic support.

The best sleep ever - Clinically proven

With Technogel® you can enjoy more efficient, uninterrupted rest. No more waking too hot or struggling to find a comfortable position. And don’t just take our word for it! Clinical tests* prove that the thick layer of 3D conforming and thermo regulating Technogel® helps you fall asleep and enjoy up tot 45% more deep sleep. That’s an eye opening fact!

Thermal regulation

Thanks to its high thermal capacity, Technogel® helps disperse the heat released from your body. Throughout the night, you maintain a temperature that’s comfortable for sleeping. The innovative towergrid design of the gel enhances air circulation, helps disperse humidity and guarantees a fresh and relaxing feeling. The more comfortable the temperature, the better you sleep.